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Anything that can affect the decision making process and tempt people to choose your brand over a competitor's is a good thing. So when everyone is playing catch up and offering similar services it is hard to find something special that can truly differentiate your brand from the rest. A well thought out and carefully executed genuine family orientated programme from Silver Squiggle does just that.
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Today's CEOs are getting younger, many are travelling with their families and want them to share the travel experiences and destinations they enjoy on business. If you can embrace the needs of their families you can build real advocacy for your brand and there is no more powerful advertising medium than word-of-mouth.
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A Silver Squiggle programme adds true brand value because we understand how to leverage special services to maximum effect, we also recognise how important it is to staff morale to have a children's programme that they believe in and can recommend with genuine enthusiasm.

From a marketing perspective, if you can win hearts and minds with a fantastic children's focus, you will be handing your PR people a dream. Of course it takes investment to set up and commitment to develop and build, but in terms of business potential and brand enhancement it is money and time well spent.

If you would like to discuss the potential benefits that Silver Squiggle can deliver for your brand please contact us.

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